Stay Involved in your child's education through the PTA

Today, more than ever, schools are expected to provide every child with the best education. While government requirements are growing, budgets are tight. Schools are challenged to do more with less. As parents, we can make a difference by staying involved and supporting the Whispering Pines Elementary PTA.

What is the PTA?

The PTA (The Parent Teacher Association) serves as a forum for Parents, guardians, teachers and administrators to discuss ways to promote quality education, encourage community involvement, and work for a healthy, safe environment. Through our local PTA we can assist in raising funds to provide the students at our school with the latest technology, updated books, test-preparation materials, and classroom supplies to better prepare them for the demands ahead.

Here is how you can make a difference as a WPE PTA member:

Stay Informed- Attend the PTA general meetings to hear about upcoming changes and programs that can impact your childŐs academics and school experience.

Have a Voice- This is an opportunity for every parent, guardian, teacher, and staff member to speak up regarding concerns, ideas and suggestions individually or as a group.

Get three for 1 fee- The one time annual fee of $7.00 is for our local PTA (WPE PTA), Florida PTA and National PTA. When you sign-up as a member, you are automatically registered with all three.

Strength in Numbers- By enrolling as a member, you increase the strength of the Florida PTA and National PTA when dealing with state legislature or U.S. Congress on behalf of children. For more information, visit and

Increase the funds at our School- A portion of the membership dues will remain as funds to assist in the betterment of our childrenŐs education.

Volunteer- a little of your time can go a long way. The PTA provides events and incentives to our students. Your assistance to ensure the safety and success of these activities would greatly be appreciated. Remember: The obligation to volunteer your time is only yours.

Benefits of Joining PTA

Membership fee is tax deductible- Since the PTA is a non-profit organization, your membership dues and any donations to the WPE PTA are tax deductible.

We welcome you to join, and encourage you to stay involved.

The WPE PTA Membership Committee